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Streamline customer interactions with Mobile Text Messaging

Marlimar offers expertise, strategies and services for solving communication problems many organizations face

Generating more leads through cell phone interaction has proven results with increased in-home demonstrations, total sales and customer experiences.


Customer segmentation messaging to optimize response rates

Our results demonstrate that delivering the most relevant information without customers needing to sift through the noise of unwanted information, greater customer interaction will occur through our segment communication strategies.

As an example, Vending machine companies can now receive immediate notification of machine errors and they now have a method for quickly responding to machine trouble inquiries.

HR Recruiting

Communicating with hard-to-reach recruits through Mobile Text Messaging

Initially connecting with recruits through text increases the number of inquiries and provides an identification vehicle for directing candidates to the job posting most appropriate for them.


Increasing donor relationships through mobile calls-to-give and donor updates

Distributing brief but regular success stories to keep your organization on your donor's minds can have a significant impact on the frequency of support and the total support from your donor base.


Send key government program information to selected demographics

Delivering public information via text reaches a broad cross-demographic group and increases distribution of information and opportunities for community awareness and relations.

Higher Education

Connect with students in a rapid response method

If reaching students is important, then communicating via mobile is a must in today's world. Marlimar strategies with students will bring results for measuring interest in admissions and related higher education information.


Moving beyond your ordinary limits of communication

Rethink how to reach your clients and customers in this increasingly mobile only society. From inbound call response mechanisms to outbound inquiries, Marlimar delivers rich app-like experiences, eliminating the barrier of downloading apps or managing email spam.


Customized to your organization and your business process.

Two-way mobile communications

Lead generation. Marketing & call-to-action initiatives

Sales appointment confirmations. Call center inbound and outbound mobile alternatives

Remarketing. Reconnecting with prospects and customers with incentives and enticements.

Human resource recruiting. Recruit marketing, ongoing communication, and appointment scheduling.

High-end retail. Home improvement, high-price purchases, jewelry, and more

Direct mail mobile tracking initiatives. Mobile response mechanism with tracking

Public communication for non-profit, government & public services. Demographically centered messaging for government programs and cause marketing. All demographics are treating mobile as the primary communication channel.

Mobile Strategies. Consulting for integrating mobile into client specific needs and industries


Marlimar Mobile Strategies offers cross-technology communication to best suit the customer and the company.

Our services include SMS, email, server-side processing, cross-platform browser scripting, and web-based programming. We craft user and web interfaces specific to each company's messaging needs designed to be efficient, performant, automatable, and to increase efficiency. We can create new integration points via web-services or APIs and connect to existing software services make all of your software do more for you.


Marlimar's competitive pricing includes password protected logins to user interface dashboards along with customer history, activity reports and campaign details. All services include sharing of best practices and mobile strategies for greatest results, as well as team training for how and when to use each service. Technical support, troubleshooting and training on how to gain user consent and suggestions for adhering to FTC, FCC and MMA regulations is included.

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